#MyPost on @VenturesAfrica – How To Make Wise Career Decisions

Because I’m thinking in a broader way, I feel like I am able to make better decisions. – Takafumi Horie

VENTURES AFRICA – When the subject of career decisions or choices comes to mind, one fundamental fact must be accepted –A choice is, most often, nothing more than a best guess—a hopeful step in a new direction. You can only be sure of the right path when you have enough information of both risk and benefits. As it pertains to career decisions, I find the concept of ‘career anchors’ very instructive and directional.

Hello people, the above is an excerpt from my latest post on Ventures-Africa.com titled “How To Make Wise Career Decisions“. It was published yesterday morning and I had to share it with you all today.

Read the full post here and let me have your feedbacks. 


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