#JobSearchTips: My Guest Blog on Jobberman Blog Today

Hello everyone, welcome to the last week in the month of February 2012. The year seems to be moving a bit fast or so I think and blogging is in top speed too 🙂

Earlier today my guest post tagged Where All The Jobs Are Hiding… was published on Jobberman.com Blog

Go read it now and let me have your feedbacks. Read it here… 

I would sure appreciate your comments. Cheers 😀


4 responses to “#JobSearchTips: My Guest Blog on Jobberman Blog Today

  1. Many people are really missing out on great opportunities because they want work with big-name company. They don’t realize they are throwing away the opportunity to become part of something that could become great tomorrow. Very thoughtful article!

    • Esta, thank you for the compliments 🙂 On your contribution, you are very right! The whole idea of the post is for a paradigm-shift in the job-seekers mindset of the blue-chip firms Vs. SMEs. I’m glad you saw that point. 😀

  2. Segun, good write-up. I absolutely agree that there are more SME jobs than blue chip jobs. However, the problem I have with SMEs are their over dependence on the owner. Your functions, roles and pay are totally dependent on the owners discretion. Employees are rarely allowed to use their initiative. Standards and structures are thrown to the bin. I guess you can also help these SME companies in developing workable structures that will be profitable yet standard. Keep up the great work.

    • ID, I so much appreciate your comment. You are very on point with the ‘down-side’ of SMEs and I do have a great interest in helping SMEs get out of the lack of structure problem, its a work in progress which the days ahead would testify to. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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