#OccupyNigeria: The Nigerian Almost ‘Tipping Point’

The last few days has been a real book of history in my Beloved Nation Nigeria. I am not good at writing Political articles but a trial would not harm me I guess 🙂

Sometime back on this blog I wrote on the book ‘The Tipping Point’ By Malcolm Gladwell and you can read it HERE to know how it is related to today’s post.

From January 1, 2012 in Nigeria, Twitter came alive with the hashtag #OccupyNigeria as a means of expression, for the technology savy Nigerian youths, to tell the world what really happened in the oil-rich country of Nigeria. Do your search and I promise you, there are loads of news to read on it…

I would love to leave you with this beautiful video by A Nigerian born performing artiste named Aduke. The video sums all I would have attempted to write… Enjoy 🙂


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