Future Thinking 201: The Balance = Past + Present + Future

A few days ago I put up a post titled Future Thinking 101 and I got some very insightful comments from LDPMichael Onabote and Oyelere.  As a result of their comments, I have decided to write a sequel to that post today which is focussed on The Balance: Past, Present, Future. The post would be a mix of their comments and mine. So lets get started.

LDP wrote:

I used to be a complete on-looker as well but I also learned about enjoying the NOW while we look onward. It is important we don’t live the present in abstract while we chase dreams; for today/NOW is the tomorrow we once anticipated. Thanks for sharing sir. – LDP

My response:

…that’s another insight – “enjoying the NOW while we look onward” …similar to the NOW is the FUTURE we saw Yesterday! Thanks for your comment :-)

LDP’s comment left me thinking again on the real intent of the post and I was still pondering on his words when Michael’s comment came in.

Michael Onobote wrote:

For me It’s been a sort of opposite…thinking ahead to sometimes let the present slip away. There’s just got to be a balance.

The past to help learn from experiences.

The present to enjoy and effect what we want to see in the future (and what we don’t want from the past).

Looking to the future so that when it becomes the ‘present’ we’ll be fully prepared.

Thanks for sharing. – Michael Onobote

And of a  truth there sure must be a balance…

My response:

…I so much agree with you on the need for a balance. Also, thank you for the analogy for the past, present and the future. Thanks for stopping by :-)

And while I was on Michael’s comment, trying to find the balance, a good friend of mine, Atoyebi Oyelere, broke my thought process with his comment and somehow summed it up…

Oyelere wrote:

God works today from the future….many men work the future from today… Those who work today from the future work more with hope in their sleeves, always looking forward to something better no matter how splendid today is, while not losing track of today’s achievement, but only raising the bars for tomorrow’s attempts!

…on this note, I drop my pen (*sorry, keyboard*) for today…

P.S: Share your thoughts with me in the comments tab and thanks for stopping by 🙂 


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