My Journey So Far: Happy Birthday to ME!

Today marks a remarkable day in my life. Why you may ask? – For those that are aware already, it’s no news but for those that are not, this is the news…

Happy Birthday to Me!

Segun was born some decades ago to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Sunday Akinlawon Akiode (both of blessed memory). I’m eternally grateful to my parents for allowing me live, if not the world would not have me as a gift.

The past few decades of my journey on planet earth has been marked with lots of memories that time would not permit me to mention. However, there are a few I would love to share today.

My Parents – the memory of my parent are very profound to me. Though, I lost both at critical junctions in my life when I thought I needed them most but, God knows best. Thanks for teaching me all I needed to know before you left.

My Brother & Sisters – I just can’t ask for more. They were there all the way. We may have differences but the goal is the same – survive together. That God has helped us to do these past years.

My Friends – God has given me ‘helpers of destiny’ as friends at different times on my life journey. I want to say THANK YOU ALL My friends for been there for me. I must not forget to say THANK YOU to that SPECIAL FRIEND God gave me! (Details in the days ahead).

My Lord and Saviour – the ONLY CONSTANT in the Equation of My life. I can’t say THANK YOU enough. I owe you all of my life. Thanks for picking up and giving me courage every step of the way through life… I cannot exhaust it all…

Finally, ME – Thanks for keeping hope alive. Though you often get bogged down by the things you don’t have or achieved yet but I CHALLENGE you to be GRATEFUL because you are no more where you are when you cried your first cry…

I celebrate you and bow to your future… Happy birthday Segun!


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