Bon Anniversaire!

Happy New Year folks! I am glad we all made the cross-over from 2010 into 2011. Hope you had a great new year’s celebration.

This year is so strategic in many ways depending on how you see it. If you believe in ‘new beginnings’ then a new year is something worth considering as an opportunity to begin yet again!

Today, I would want to pen three points about the New Year 2011 that makes the year unique in itself:

  • 2011 is a new year ‘we mortals’ have not travelled through before, so it’s a new year indeed!
  • 2011 is the beginning of a new decade, that is the beginning of another 10-year cycle
  • 2011 has its last digit to be 1 which is the first digit of the Arabic numeral; the digit 1 has many connotations all pointing to a new beginning/a fresh start

These three points are my own perception of the uniqueness of 2011 which beams so much hope and life into me for the New Year. They may look like mere coincidences but they are good ones too! I believe you would have yours too. So take your pen and write your own 2011 uniqueness…

And less I forget, my blog – would be a year by January 7, 2011. That means just a year ago I took the blog step of faith to venture into the world of internet blogging. It’s going to be a very interesting year full of possibilities I must add. Please stay tuned, as I would endeavour to express my thoughts more in writing this year as my work-schedule permit. Let me pause my pen here for today.

Happy New Year to you all and Bon Anniversaire to my blog!



4 responses to “Bon Anniversaire!

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