Battle for YOU!

Dare to be YOU!

This piece was inspired by the unique definition Marshawn Evans gave to the word YOU at the lecture she delivered at the Platform 6.0 in Lagos recently (read more about her at She defined the word YOU as an acronym to mean – Your Own Uniqueness. Wow! What a definition. On the other hand, the word battle means to struggle; any fight; conflict; contend.

Every man is different in his own right from another man, even if they share the same birthday or if possible born about the same time. Scientifically it has been proven that no two humans have the same finger print or say DNA coding. You are distinct from everyone on planet earth. You are different, distinct and unique! So why want to be like someone else?

Our environment/society is full of men and women lost in the crowd of life, in an attempt to be someone else. Have you checked around lately to see people around dressed like their favorite celebrity or say mentor/role model? They even go as far as speaking like them. I must say here that I have been there before! The sad part is that you can only be a copy and not the original! Why settle for a copy, when God has made you an original?

You need to discover your YOU – Your Own Uniqueness! That which makes you YOU! Begin your discovery process now as your destiny is dependent on it. Dare to be YOU!


5 responses to “Battle for YOU!

  1. It’s great to know that we’re all unique. Finding oneself is the life assignment. We’d be doing that till we die so I’m guessing you never really know who YOU are at the end of the day?

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