Leasons from The Ants

Go to the Ants and learn wisdom!

Hello folks, welcome back today. I guess you learnt something tangible from my earlier post on Awakening The Giant in You. Today, I want to share with you all a piece I read some time ago in a business magazine on the world of ants and I have titled it Lessons from the ants.

The ants have got it right! Over millions of years they’ve developed a structure and a system that enables them grow and prosper – even in the face of relentless adversity. One can learn a lot about them and some of these lessons are highlighted below:

Ants are well-organized: Ants live in highly organized societies called colonies. Ant colonies have elaborate social structures. Ant colonies range in size from a few members to many millions of members.  Wow, did you say millions! That would be difficult to govern. No! It’s the reverse, they are never disorganized when they file out in search of food, they are a master piece to behold. Take time out to think, are you that organized?

Ants have a sense of purpose: Each member of the ant colony has its defined role. From the female worker ant which forms majority of the colony members and they do most of the work of the colony, including searching for food, nursing young, and defending the colony against ants from other colonies; Queens are larger than worker ants and are the only females of the colony capable of mating, they are born with wings, which they break off after mating and they mate with the third part of the colony the winged male ants. Aside from mating with the queens, males play no social role in colony life and die soon after mating. Yet, another insight from nature you would say. Each had a purpose! As as the last time you checked, have you discovered your purpose for living?

Ants are self-directed: Each ant knows what it is supposed to do and does it. There are no slackers and goof-offs. No supervision is required. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have such level of direction in life? You might say that it is easier for ants to be self-directed because they are programmed from birth to do a specific job. To an extent, so are humans; like the ants, we’re programmed to survive: we have to work to get a living. Be determined to train yourself to be self-directed.

Ants protect their future: In the anthill, the queen lays the eggs and the workers take care of them. The eggs are the future of the anthill. Everybody is involved in guarding and nurturing them. Your future is the seeds you allow into your life. By seeds, I mean the information you allow into your life through your eyes and ears. Think on this!

Ants  build and re-build constantly: The universe tends toward entropy; that is, it is constantly disassembling and assembling just about everything. The world is about constant change. Anthills, grow old, parts deteriorate, and constantly need to be maintained and rebuilt. As humans in a constantly changing world, you must be prepared for change per time. Are you at home with change? If not, try to get the book, “Who moved my cheese” by Spencer Johnson, MD.

Till the next time we meet again, pause and think on how these few lessons from the ants can give your life a different look. Hope to read your comments soon. Take care everyone.


Segun Akiode.


6 responses to “Leasons from The Ants

  1. Woah!!! This is a brilliant piece of work. It opens the mind to some salient missing links in the race of life, particularly in Christiandom. I must say, many Christians have lost their sense of purpose, lost direction and the vision about the future is becoming blurred. May God help us all.
    Good work, keep the ink flowing…

  2. ..thanks dear for sharing…there is just so much to learn from the ants..the holy book can’t be wrong anyway – “go to the ants..” it says!
    As I write,one of my professors already used the very first lesson u mentioned to develop a scientific concept called “Bucket Brigades”!It’s an awesome theory..I saw it work life in one of my projects and many coys r using it now..u can read more from http://www.bucketbrigades.com/
    I’m proud of u brother!

    • Jimi, there are a thousand and one lessons to be learned from the ants. They are one of the most fascinating creature made.
      I was particularly impressed by the write-up from the scientific concept of “Bucket Brigades” that your professors developed (Click http://www.bucketbrigades.com for details). It is very inspiring to know that creatures as small as the ants could help humans solve operational problems within the production line. Very inspiring I must confess. All the same thank you for the “Bucket Brigades” angle to the Lessons from The Ants.

  3. This pen would not run dry. because Christ is the reason behind your wisdom, your impact would not be limited with time. Well done sir! What an inspiring thought.

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