Awakening The Giant in You!

Hello folks, nice to reach you via this medium. I am delighted to pen my view on how to awake the giant in you. Yes, there is a giant in you! By giant, I mean potentials, resources yet untapped, ability, raw talent… I can continue. If the giant in you is awake, that means you can achieve your full potential, you can face situations head on and be sure of outstanding results.
In another way, G*I*A*N*T – Greatness In the Ant. Ants are small creatures but the animal kingdom and man attest to their strength. With the addition of GI to the word ANT, does it make sense?
Literally, giants usually have extra in their make up. Their strength, stature, height… They are the GI in the ANT called man.

Let me take you down history. Long time ago in the land of the Philistines there lived a man called Goliath of Gath, He was a Giant! He was a man of war and the credit for many of the Philistines’ victory in war is given to this Giant called Goliath. His fear did the magic of winning for the Philistines. Mere men fell at his feet, men of war dreaded him. Why? He was a giant!
He enjoyed this credentials of victory until he came across a young boy called David of Jesse. David defeated Goliath not because he was a mere boy (ant)  but because his inner giant was alive! You may agree with me on this or not. That is not the point here but you ability to awake the giant in you. I got to go now. Join me next time for a follow-up on this.


Segun Akiode.


15 responses to “Awakening The Giant in You!

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    • Gail, the ants are one of the smallest creature in the world and one can learn a great deal from them – ants. Watch out for my next post as I take you into the worlds of the ants. Cheers. Segun

  2. papy Segs, I’m glad to see you in this form. God will continue to inspire your spirit man in this His business. A great article and a great idea. Be informed that “MY PEOPLE” is also not dead. It’s now in form of a monthly bulletin here in Warri and environ up to some parts of Bayelsa state.
    I’m glad to read from you. We haven’t started yet.

  3. This is a nice one sir. I know your best is yet to come. Let us see how we can partner and network together, all to the very top. You know I love good writings too. More power to your elbow!

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